Started April 10, 2019 via email

Attending owners: Darcy, Carl/Susan, Brian, JPL, JT, Rob, Marina, Matt H, Rogers, Mike, Garts (Mike & Garts entered the AOM after it was restarted to include them)

Non-Attending owners: Sabu


The AOM started with a discussion on improving the Canadian player ratio as there are less Canadian stars currently playing.  After a brief discussion, the Commissioner intervened, discussed the possibility of expanding the league to 12 teams, it was voted on and it was agreed unanimously to add the 2 new owners (Mike & Garts), upon the completion of the vote, the AOM was restarted and the original conversation continued.



Proposed that we drop the required number of starting Canadians to 1 from 2


Proposed that we drop Canadians all together and also suggested the possibility of implementing a bonus point system if you do play a Canadian

All 3 proposals were discussed and voted on:

No Canadians: Brian

Canadians under bonus points system:

Drop to 1 Canadian for now, and see how this season goes: JPL, Rob, Rogers, Mike, Garts, Marina, Susan, Jeff, Matt

Non-Voters: Sabu

Commissioner added the addendum that the Visiting team is still allowed to use a kicker as a Canadian if they wish while the Home team is not. All agreed.

Proposal passes for immediate implementation



Did his Commissioner’s report which was pretty uneventful. 2 things needed voting on to proceed:


Keep fees at $70/owner for this season then see where we are in order to get a nice replacement trophy

Keep at $70 – passed unanimously, also agreed to leave when to purchase trophy up to Commissioner as he would really like to hand it out this year for the 25th season

Proposal passes for immediate implementation


2 or 3 division league

2: JT

3: Rogers, Marina, Matt, Brian, Rob, Garts, Susan, JPL

Non-Voters: Sabu, Mike

3 Division league passes for immediate implementation


A contingency plan was discussed in case of a CFL strike this year. It was decided to just carry on as normal, pay fees etc, but if the season were cancelled due to a strike, all the fees paid would carry over into the next season.

P.S. – the CBA was ratified before training camps started so no strike this season.


It was also agreed to keep the scoring the same as 2018 and implement no changes for the 2019 season.


Rang bell 3 times for close of AOM.


AOM officially closed on April 12, 2019