Started March 30, 2020 via email

Attending owners: Darcy, Carl/Susan, Brian, JPL, JT, Rob, Marina, Matt H, Rogers, Mike, Garts, Sabu

Non-Attending owners: none


As the AOM started, current Champion Chris Garton stated that he was quitting the league. The Commissioner announced that Clay Brooks would take over his spot. Later Garts realized that he had replied to the wrong thread and had no interest in quitting this league and had meant to quit a different league. Garts was re-instated and Clay was put on the list for the potential 2nd JSN CFFL.


AOM continued:


Proposed that to increase parity between Home/Visitor wins, the home team plays with 1 less player and in addition the owners take turns selecting players to create their starting lineup.

After a brief discussion it was agreed that was too much of a hit to the home team and would make it unfair. Also, the Commissioner went on to explain that in a perfect world, alternating picks for a lineup would be the ideal way to do it, but that due to time constraints and the fact that the CFL doesnít announce their starting lineups until 24 (or less) hours before kickoff, to monitor the starting lineup process would be a nightmare for all involved.

Proposal does not pass



(Brianís original proposal was initially misunderstood and miscommunicated to the rest of the league by the Commissioner. Ultimately, the following was the final draft of his proposal)

Proposed that to increase parity between Home/Visitor wins, we change the Coachís scoring from 2 points for a win to 50% of the result of your coachís game. If you pick the winning coach, 50% of his points gets added to your score, if you pick a losing coach 50% of the points gets deducted from your score. The 50% amount would be rounded down when required.

A lengthy discussion ensued with variations of the coaches score being added/deducted along with bonus points. Ultimately the Commissioner ended up going back to the 2019 season, taking 2 random weeks (weeks 1 & 10) and put the calculations in for all the variations. The one that had the most impact (changing the outcome of 4 out of 12 games) was Brianís final proposal as listed above.

Voting results were as follows:

Brianís Proposal: Marina, Brian, Rogers, Mike, JPL, Rob, Carl/Susan, Matt H

Both Brianís & JPLís proposal: Sabu

No Changes at all: Jeff, Garts

Brianís proposal passes for immediate implementation (for a 1 year trial)



Proposed that the score for safeties change from 5 points to 2 points

Yes: Susan, Rob, Garts, Mike, Rogers, JPL, Marina

No: Jeff

Abstain: Matt H, Brian, Sabu

Proposal passes for immediate implementation



Did his Commissionerís report which involved announcing the following:


1 Ė Advised that under the new financial system that had been passed in the 2019 AOM, because the trophy has been purchased and there are 12 teams instead of 10, the league fees will change back to $60/team, there will be no administration fees, the Commissioner will payout everything, and will pay for the costs of engraving the trophy out of the remainder and whatever is left goes to the Commissioner for running the league and manually doing all the stats and maintaining the website.


2 Ė Advised that there are 2 other owners waiting to get into the league and mentioned that there is a possibility of a 2nd JSN CFFL starting up and all owners would be given the opportunity to join. The Commissioner will contact each owner individually to get their feedback on their interest level of playing in another CFFL or not.


The Commissioner never officially closed the AOM via email so the AOM is officially closed as to the creation date of this document which is May 5, 2020


AOM officially closed on May 5, 2020


Post Script June 5,2020:

Due to the events of the Coronavirus in late February, the CFL season did not start at its regular time, and as of early June, it is still unclear if there will be a shortened season or no season at all. The Commissioner will put forth some options to the owners regarding money and/or a playing format if the season is shortened or cancelled altogether, and will do a group email