Started May 23, 2023 via email

Attending owners: Darcy, Carl/Susan, Brian, JPL, David, Rob, Marina, Matt, Clay, Mike, Garts, Sabu

Non-Attending owners: none


As the AOM started, the Commissioner expressed his sincerest apologies for not getting to this sooner. Then he went on to start the AOM.


The Commissioner referred to his list on the message board that he had been adding items to discuss throughout the ’22 season. He opened the meeting with those items:


1 - Proposed that as per previous discussions early last season, we need to alter the new HC scoring system that was introduced for the ’22 season. The options to change to (and their votes) were as follows:

A) You get 50% of your HC’s score, no negative scores for choosing a losing coach: Clay

B) You get the margin of victory, positive if you pick a winning coach, negative if you pick a losing coach, amended to a maximum of +/-10pts: David, Mike, Rob, Carl/Susan, Garts, Marina, Matt *This proposal passes for immediate implementation

C) JPL proposed a type of Proline/Pick’em thing that did work with the current schedule the way it is set up: JPL

D) Brian proposed a positive/negative bonus + all or a portion of the HC scores based on if you picked a winning or losing HC: Brian, Sabu


 2 – Since we don’t give the ST/D any field goal points, do we want to allow punt singles to be given ONLY to the Kicker:

Yes: JPL, David, Mike, Rob, Carl/Susan, Brian, Garts


Non-Voters: Sabu, Clay, Marina, Matt (item had passed already before they voted)

*Proposal passes for immediate implementation


3 – Proposal to officially have a rule completely abolishing any possibility of anyone using the If/Then rule. Going forward, if anyone tries to use the If/Then rule, the 1st player they mention will be their starter.

Yes: JPL, David, Mike, Rob, Carl/Susan, Brian, Garts


Non-Voters: Sabu, Clay, Marina, Matt (item had passed already before they voted)

*Proposal passes for immediate implementation


4 – Opened the floor to see if anyone wanted to tinker with the scoring at all, or if it was good the way it is currently:

Yes change to:

No, good as is: JPL, David, Mike, Rob, Carl/Susan, Brian, Garts

Non-Voters: Sabu, Clay, Marina, Matt (item had passed already before they voted)

*No changes in scoring this season (other than kicker/ST/D noted in #2 above)


5 – Asked that since we have no limit on positions in starting lineup, do we want any limits:

Yes, limit RBs to 3: JPL, Brian, Sabu, Clay

Yes, limit RBs to 4: David, Mike, Carl/Susan, Garts, Marina, Matt *passes for immediate implementation

No limit required: Rob (voted this based on past bad experience)

Non-Voters: N/A


6 – Asked if we need a more solid deadline for submitting lineups as there is currently no ‘written’ rule, just an Honor System type of thing. A brief discussion ensued with the following proposals and votes:

Yes, midnight the night before the 1st game: JPL, Mike, Carl/Susan, Brian, Matt, Marina *passes for immediate implementation

Yes, but only 2 hours before kickoff of the 1st game: Garts

No deadline required, as it is fine the way it is now: David, Rob, Clay

Abstain: Sabu (if you go back in the thread, Sabu voted on item #8 twice when I think he meant to vote on this on his 2nd posting)

I want to implement this rule on a 1-year trial basis only and will revisit to see how well this worked at the next AOM


7 – The Commissioner suggested that perhaps we could add in some kick return yards and/or successful onside kicks to the scoring. However, he thought better of the idea and withdrew his proposal.


8 – Asked if we required any penalty points for when an owner starts a player that has already been started by their opponent.

Yes: Rob (-2 or -3), Carl/Susan (-2 or -3)

No, getting the 0 is enough: JPL, David, Mike, Brian, Sabu, Marina, Matt, Clay *No vote passes, no further action required as no changes are required

Abstain: Garts


After the completion of all the voting, the Commissioner opened the floor for any new business. No one had anything further to bring up.


The Commissioner officially closed the AOM.


When typing out the minutes, it occurred to me that I never did a full “Commissioner’s Report” complete with the financial report (my apologies). There was nothing really to report, all league fees were paid, all prize money was paid out immediately following the completion of the Championship game, and the account is at $0 as per the rules set forth from previous AOM’s.


The only thing of any importance really is:

-         I did not get a plate for the trophy engraved. I actually don’t even know who has the trophy, so whoever has it (Garts?) needs to return it to me so that I can get a plate put on and give it to our current Champion, Clay

-         I have been working on some team logos (with my non-existent spare time), but they are in the works, very slowly, but in the works

-         As mentioned via e-mail, I have created and posted the divisions and schedule for the 2023 season. I just need to update the Owner’s list again since Matt & Marina got married and her name changed, post this AOM summary, change & post the scoring rules to show the changes that were made above for K, ST/D & HC, and then I think we are 100% good to go for the start of the season on June 8.


If anyone has any questions or concerns, please either e-mail me, leave a post on the league message board, or contact me directly.


Thank you all for all your input and attention to detail, that is what makes this league such an enjoyable league to play in. Good luck to all of you in the upcoming 2023 season!


JSN CFFL Commissioner,

Darcy “Darcman” Antonissen