Started April 1, 2024 via email

Attending owners: Darcy, Carl/Susan, Brian, JPL, David, Rob, Marina, Matt, Clay, Mike, Garts, Sabu

Non-Attending owners: none


The Commissioner stated that there were no re-tabled issues from the last AOM, however, there was one issue that needed to be rechecked this season so the Commissioner started out with that one:


1 – Are we still okay with having the deadline for the home team to submit their starting lineup as midnight (Sask time) of the night before the first game of the week. Failure by the home team to post by midnight allows the visiting team to post their lineup first. It seemed to work very well last season and some owners took advantage of the home team’s tardiness while some others didn’t.

Yes, keep the rule: Brian, Marina, David, Mike, Garts, Susan/Carl, Clay, Matt, JPL

No, kill the rule:

Non-Voters: Rob, Sabu

*This rule shall remain in place going forward


The Commissioner opened the floor for any new business and in the meantime went on to the list of items that were being added throughout the season on the message board.

2 – (this one was reworded for voting from the message board, it made sense to me but apparently not to some people lol) There is currently a maximum limit of 4 RBs that we can start in our lineup. A proposal was made to reduce that maximum to 3 on weeks that only have 3 games. The Commissioner worded the proposal as: The maximum number of RBs that we can play in a weekend is dependent upon how many games that week has. If there are only 3 games, you can only play a max of 3 RBs, on a normal 4 game week, you can continue to play the max of 4 RBs.

Yes: Brian, Marina, David, Mike, Garts, Susan/Carl, Clay, Matt, JPL


Non-Voters: Rob, Sabu

*Proposal passes for immediate implementation


3 – Asked if there was a need to incorporate a rule that prevents an owner from building a starting lineup comprised of players from just one team.


No: Brian, Marina, David, Mike, Garts, Susan/Carl, Clay, Matt, JPL

Non-Voters: Rob, Sabu

*Proposal is voted down and denied


4 – Not a proposal but a question for something that came up during the season last year. Should Global players be allowed to be designated as Canadian players?


No: Brian, Marina, David, Mike, Garts, Susan/Carl, Clay, Matt, JPL

Non-Voters: Rob, Sabu

*Global players will not be allowed to be designated as Canadian players in your lineup


5 – Brian proposed that we switch from starting individual players at QB to a Team QB instead for various reasons. While the Commissioner and Command Central both stated that it could be a statistical nightmare based on the horrible performance by the CFL website last season, they agreed that if this was passed it would be on a 1-year trial period and will be reassessed at the next AOM. The Commissioner also went on to point out that there were some limitations on scoring for trick plays and that if an individual player had a passing TD it would count for both the individual player and also the Team QB score:

Yes: Brian, Rob, Susan/Carl, Sabu, Garts, Marina

No: David, Mike, Matt

Non-Voters: Clay, JPL

*Proposal passes for immediate implementation and will be reassessed next AOM


6 – The Commissioner came across a proposal that Clay put on the message board. His proposal was to have all owners assign 1 Team Captain and that player would receive double points for the week:

Yes: Clay

No: Rob, Mike, Garts, Brian, Marina, David, Susan/Carl, Matt

Non-Voters: Sabu, JPL

*Proposal is voted down and is denied

As Commissioner, I would like to point out that after giving this proposal some thought, it might not be a bad idea to possibly implement this for the visiting team only to help make things a bit more even as far as home/visitor wins. We have slowly made improvements over the years that has definitely helped the visiting team but if we think we need something further, this might be a really good proposal to add to the visiting team. Just something to think about for the future.


Clay advised that he can’t find or remember the new QB scoring that he was going to suggest for this season, so he declined to propose anything about it.


The incredibly handsome Commissioner said that he would advise everyone once the site was updated with the changes from the AOM, divisions were set and schedule was done and officially closed the AOM.


If anyone has any questions or concerns, please either e-mail me, leave a post on the league message board, or contact me directly.


Thank you all for all your input and attention to detail, that is what makes this league such an enjoyable league to play in. Good luck to all of you in the upcoming 2024 season!


JSN CFFL Commissioner,

Darcy “Darcman” Antonissen