Regina Pub Dart League
Spare List - 2016/2017 Season
This is a list of eligible players who have submitted their contact info as of: Mar. 29/17
Unless it is noted as 'PAID' below, it is the captain's responsibility to collect the $5 spare fee
When looking for a spare, please start from the top and work your way down in order.
Name Phone # E-Mail Address
1 Guy Hassler 450-5088
Notes: has spared several times this season - FULLY PAID
2 Darrell Poitras 351-5492
Notes: player from last year, quite reliable - PAID $5/25
3 Lynn Browne 570-9585
Notes: good spare from previous years - FULLY PAID
4 Tim Stoddart 660-0391 (cell)
Notes: past player in our league, just wants to play darts, texting is best - UNPAID
5 Darcy Antonissen 533-9676 (cell)
 - texting is best
Notes: very good as a last minute spare, ONLY available weeks: 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 and PW2 - FULLY PAID
6 Bonnie/Dave Lapierre 539-0762
Notes: very experienced, good soft tip player - UNPAID
7 Kevin Silljer 789-4902 * not a cell, do not text
Notes: regular past player, some availability issues early in the season, reliable - FULLY PAID
8 Jeff Berner 530-2869
Notes: past full time player, very experienced, very reliable - UNPAID
9 Kelly Phelan 570-2034
Notes: very experienced, good soft tip player - UNPAID
I will update this list as more spares are added
If there is someone you think should be on the spare list or you 
want to be added, please contact a member of the executive, or
leave a message on the message board.
It is the team Captain's responsibility to collect the spare fee 
BEFORE the spare actually plays any games for your team
and accurately report the spare info to the league.
Failure to do so, may result in a loss for your team.
Check the Team Spare Chart on the league website homepage
if you are unsure if you owe for any spares.