Glencairn Western Pizza Snipers 2009 Team Roster
0 Jarad Hermanson CB/S/SB
1 Brandon 'Small Fry' Donsberger WR
2 Graham Cooper WR/Rusher
3 Glen 'Q' Munro QB/HB
5 Carl Husum DHB
6 Nathan Ottenbreit WR/SB
*7 (4) Darcy 'Darcman' Antonissen QB/HB
8 Robert Geiger Utility
9 Brendan 'Sabu' Pawliw Rusher
π (11) Dean 'The Machine' Vargo SB
19 Mitch Cooper Rusher
23 Dave Pascoe QB/HB
31 Shane 'Eddie' Fairman DHB
32 Evan Rust DHB
33 Cassidy Neilson Safety/WR
44 Bill Cooper WR/QB/HB
81 Steve 'Bones' Jones DHB/CB
88 Patrick Andrews Safety/SB
94 Cole Goertz CB
Red Indicates Rookie Sniper Player
(not necessarily a league rookie!)
* The #7 actually belongs to former Snipers' coach, John McIntyre. However, due to Mr. McIntyre's recent deaths and revivals
and to commemerate Darcman's 25th year of playing, Darcman has decided to wear John's number as a tribute to his
friend, and to the person responsible for helping Darcman achieve 25 years of playing. Now you know who to blame!