New Year's Eve 2004

An Evening of Murder

"Fatal Reunion"
Who killed Norma Ashby during her High School Reunion and why?
The Suspects and the Thespians portraying them...
Denise as Debbie Rowe
Denise as: Debbie Rowe
(a.k.a. The Hostess With The Mostess!)

Related Statement: "Why yes! I really am that good looking to have won all those contests! Thanks for noticing!"

Did this cheerleader, past Home Coming Queen, Winter Festival Princess, Queen of Hearts, and whatever other titles she had in high school, kill Norma Ashby out of pure rage and jealousy?

Elroy as Dr. Wayne Hardy
Elroy as: Dr. Wayne Hardy
(a.k.a. The Breast Guy!)

Related Statement: "YES I am a REAL Doctor! Now, take off your shirt!"

Did this so called 'Doctor' kill Norma Ashby to cover up a dark secret from his past, or was it because he was trying to hide something from his wife, the successful Dr. Veronica Hardy?

Brenda as Dr. Veronica Hardy
Brenda as: Dr. Veronica Hardy
(a.k.a. The Successful Half!)

Related Statement: "Have I mentioned lately that I'm going to have my own T.V. series? Well, if I haven't, it will be on channel 43 every Sunday at 1pm!"

Did this very successful Doctor kill Norma Ashby to help protect her husband Dr. Wayne Hardy, or did she do it to further her career and try and increase her success potential? 

Garth as Randy Whalen
Garth as: Randy Whalen
(a.k.a. A Cop On The Edge!)

Related Statement: "Only 20 days, 18 hours, 3 minutes and 12 seconds until I can retire! ...11 seconds...10 seconds...oh my! Time for a donut!"

Did this almost retired law enforcement officer commit the ultimate sin by killing Norma Ashby to help secure his retirement, or did he just become a cop that snapped because of a lack of donuts?  

Sue as Wendy LaRose
Sue as: Wendy LaRose
(a.k.a. The Mad Madam!)

Related Statement: "For the last time! It's not a Brothel! It's a Gentlemen's Entertainment Establishment!"

Did this high priced Madam and self admitted 'Cheap Hussie' kill Norma Ashby as part of a major coverup, or was Norma just 'in the way' of Wendy's lifestyle?   

Gary as Blake Walker
Gary as: Blake Walker
(a.k.a. Mr. Hollywood Hotshot!)

Related Statement: "Times are tough, I only made $143 million for my last movie! Good thing I can still fit into these pants after such a long time!"

Did this high profile actor have something more to hide than using a stunt double for EVERYTHING and off Norma Ashby like as if he was starring in one of his own movies? 

Terry as Mary Lou Potts
Terry as: Mary Lou Potts
(a.k.a. High Octane In & Out Of The Office!)

Related Statement: "Don't mess with me! I didn't even want to come here in the first place, so watch yourself!"

Did this highly successful business woman carve more than just a name for herself? Carving a certain Norma Ashby in her final minutes of life?  

Darcman as Doug Griffin
Darcman as: Doug Griffin
(a.k.a. A Bad Boy ex Pro Football Player with a Badder Attitude!)

Related Statement: "It's my way or no way! I do things the way I want and I don't give a $%#@ what you think of any of that!"

Did this former professional football player kill Norma Ashby to cover up a history of drugs and women, or to keep his newly acquired professional head coaching job?  

So, out of all the suspects above and below, who REALLY did murder Norma Ashby?

One Of These People Is Guilty Of Murder! Do You Know Who?
You didn't REALLY think I would tell you did you?

You'll have to play the game yourself to find out!
And the Killer is . . .
Everyone had a wonderful time! The food was great! The company even better and the entertainment was superb!

Compliments to Denise & Elroy for putting on such a great shin-dig!

Happy New Year 2004!