Star Of The Month
April, 2003

Sandy Ackerman
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Here are just a few people who are going to miss you the most!
Sandy Ackerman

3 wonderful years ago, Sandy Ackerman started working as a volunteer with the Al Ritchie Community Association and the Al Ritchie Family Wellness Centre.

Through her strong work ethic, her sunny disposition and her attention to detail, the people who had the pleasure to work around her, realized her full potential and the positive impact her presence had on the Al Ritchie structures.

Soon afterwards, Sandy started working full time as the Program Facilitator for the Al Ritchie Community Association and the Al Ritchie Family Wellness Centre.  This allowed her to spend even more time working with the wonderful children and people that were attending the invaluable children's programs offered through Al Ritchie.

Through her time with Al Ritchie, she managed to easily strike up several strong friendships with the people that she worked with and the parents and adult members of other programs and uncountable strong bonds with many, many children that were lucky enough to have her in their lives.

Presently, Sandy has recently become the full time Kids First Home Visitor for the Early Learning Centre, and she is wished the best luck that can possibly be given to anyone.  They are very lucky to have obtained such a wonderful person and such and outstanding employee.

However, she will be greatly missed by not only the friends that she made during her time with Al Ritchie, but more so by the children, who still come into the programs and ask for Sandy by name.   All the best Sandy.

Congratulations to Sandy Ackerman, winner of the 'Darcman Star of the Month for April 2003!
Sandy having a well deserved sit.
Sandy getting ready for the big picture!
Kind of a fitting picture I figure!
You're in good hands little one!
Just another day at the office for Sandy, Photo Shoot, Press Conference and that dinner thing with Brad Pitt. Ho Hum!
Stop with the pictures already!
That's it! If 1 more person takes a picture of me, I'm going to start snapping! I have a camera too you know, and I'm NOT afraid to use it!!!!