Welcome to the Regina Pub Dart League Official Website!!!
Welcome to the Regina Pub Dart League Official Website!
2003 2nd Session
The first session that we play in a season (usually from September to December) is usually only used to seed teams into their respective divisions for our return to the 2nd session (usually from January to April).

For the purposes of this page, the first session (last part of the calendar year) will be labelled as '1st Session' in order to make things less confusing.

The 2nd session of the season (or the first time that we play in the calendar year) Is the actual session that the trophies and awards are handed out. The only thing that carries over from session to session are the 'High Scores & High Outs' section. 
2004 1st Session
2004 2nd Session
2005 B Schedule/Scores
2005 1st Session