Welcome to my page of 'The Good', 'The Bad', and 'The Ugly'. This page is dedicated to my personal experiences with various companies, local and otherwise.

Also, this page is dedicated to certain people that have gotten my attention in a good way or in a bad way, some people are local, some are not, all will be famous for being on this site!

I will use this page to either give a compliment or publicly display a complaint! I am in no way am suggesting that my own personal opinions are the only basis on how you, the reader, should be dealing with these companies. I'm only suggesting that you take my experience with the mentioned parties and keep that information in the back of your mind should you choose to deal with them!

Enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts!
The Good
Sandy Ackerman
The Ugly
The Bad
Sniper Star Offseason
Sniper Star Offseason